Recordings from my therapy session.

I almost panicked. I almost cried. Not because I was scared. But because I was so comfortable in the familiarity of the heart palpitations. The fast breathing. The hot flashes. The overwhelming sense of worry. Why does panic feel like I’m home? Why does calm feel like out of place? How does discomfort feel comforting?... Continue Reading →


Old habits

You been my friend since shy looks in the church basement on the south side Summer time And sunshine and the first time I’d seen Baptist women that can’t cook. We were young so it was hard, but we still traveled cross town for visits. Then again for hospital visits. During the aftermath of suicide... Continue Reading →

Poor cycles

I would say put the guns down... But I don’t think the problem is the bullets, It’s the target. It’s the fact that shooters weren’t trained In the woods or at a range. They was taught by gang gang gang. Same way uncle taught them to swim. Just took em to a pool and pushed... Continue Reading →

Celestial frustrations

The earth loves the moon so much that his waters move in tune with the power of her presence. But the moon doesn’t love the earth back. See I told my self I’d stop writing love poems but this is a heart break poem so it doesn’t count. The moon may love the earth but... Continue Reading →

I feel God

You inhale my soul and exhale my flaws giving the universe something to breathe so that it may grow into something so beautiful. You manifest victories from things that were certain to be a fail. You use my tears to water me in hopes that I would show growth. You move me around the sun... Continue Reading →

No Faults, Just Stars.

Imagine having a life such as the stars. Long lasting and flowing free in the universe. Ending powerfully and beautifully like the colorful explosion of a super nova. Isn't amazing? How stars shine bright not letting the galaxy's endless darkness make it feel bad for standing out ? Isn't it astonishing, that moment when you... Continue Reading →

Financially irresponsible.

Sometimes, I wonder if I spent too much money on the wrong item. See once I realized it was useless and it's broken parts could hurt me Like scraped thumbs on a cracked screen, It had already been 3 years since I made that purchase. I paid a large down payment of hope, just for... Continue Reading →

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